Booking with Andrew

Your GP or another Consultant may refer you to our services, or you may self refer.  If you self-refer we will ask your permission to liaise with your GP about your condition. We will always provide you with copies of clinic letters and results of all investigations.

Andrew can see you at the following hospitals:

  • Harley Street Clinic, Central London – Appointments 020 3131 5004
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  • BMI Cavell Hospital, Enfield – Appointments 020 8108 7113
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  • BMI Kings Oak, Enfield – Appointments 020 8023 8678
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Once an accurate diagnosis and management plan have been agreed with you, additional consultations face to face or remotely can be arranged allowing you more flexibility and less time travelling to us.

Reports will be sent to your GP, and other clinicians involved in your care, after your consultation.

To make an appointment, please call one of the telephone numbers below and ask for appointments or email your details.

Dr Millars secretary – Lynne Martin – can be contacted at

Booking with Sian

Sian clinics now run primarily remotely on a Thursday morning. She has practicing rights at both The BMI Cavell and The BMI Kings Oak Hospitals in Enfield, North London and is able to see patients there ‘face to face’ on request. She has recently moved from London and as such consultations at either hospital are more limited.

  1. Please contact Sian’s PA Miss Antonia Pashova on  either or  07447 629402 who will arrange your appointment.
  2. If Antonia is unavailable, please call the BMI bookings team on 08081010377 who will assist you with your booking.
  3. Your appointment will be confirmed in writing by the BMI bookings team.

Sian is covered by most insurance companies, but do check with them and obtain an authorisation or claim number prior to your appointment.

Please bring along:

What to expect:

The initial consultation which will take up to an hour, she will review all aspects of what  you currently eat, how much and when. She will also assess your activity or any sport undertaken. She will review foods which upset your digestion and how we can more accurately recognise these. Additional testing such as lactose hydrogen breath testing or food allergy testing maybe requested and arranged. Based on the initial assessment Sian will provide individual, tailored support and guidance regarding food exclusions or evidence-based dietary strategies where necessary, incorporating resources, such as recipe suggestions and supportive apps and websites.

Further 30 minute appointments can be arranged ‘face to face’ or undertaken remotely in agreement with your insurer.

A report will be sent to your GP, and other clinicians involved in your care, after your consultation summarising her assessment and management plan.



020 3131 5004 – The Harley Street Clinic, London
0208 366 2122 – BMI Cavell Hospital, Enfield
0208 370 9500 – BMI Kings Oak Hospital, Enfield



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