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Our vision is focussed on supporting you achieve a swift, accurate diagnosis when you experience digestive problems and assist you effectively manage your symptoms.

World Microbiome Day

World Microbiome Day celebrates all things microbe, all around the world.

Microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi, viruses, archaea, etc) can be found everywhere in and on plants, animals, water, soil, food and humans.

Within each of those habitats, microorganisms live together in communities called microbiomes. Microbiomes have an effect on (amongst others) human health; therefore, scientists are exploring how these communities of organisms co-exist with each other, with us and our environment.

The theme for World Microbiome Day 2021 which took place on 27th June is Sustainability with a focus on how microbes can contribute to a sustainable future. Despite their ubiquity and diversity, the importance of microbes for maintaining healthy global ecosystems is often overlooked. Microbes already have a tremendous effect on the health and balance of the environments we live in.

Do enjoy the their video  and please visit their website for a lot more information on this subject.

Visit Website

Use of the video has been kindly permitted by the Microbiome Support Project who produced it.

During 2021 Sian has been working a Healthcare Ambassador in association with Symprove a high dose water based Probiotic supplement and has recently had a second  article on Probiotics and Eczema  published on their health professional website. An extract from the article is published below with kind permission of the company. Please visit Symprove website to access the full text:

‘Eczema is an umbrella term used to describe a group of conditions which causes our skin to become inflamed and intensely itchy, impairing quality of life. The aetiology and pathogenesis of eczema are not yet fully understood, nor is there an effective treatment currently available.

A recent systematic review, including 21 studies, showed that probiotic administration to a combination of pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers and children had the most influence at reducing the risk of those infants developing eczema. This included results of finding it most effective in high-risk populations, but also effective in non-high-risk groups too. Mixtures of probiotic strains were shown to have a greater effect than single strains. While an earlier systematic review disagrees with this finding no evidence of a protective effect of perinatal probiotic use and allergies, it is consistent with the findings of other more recent systematic reviews, suggesting as the body of research grows, that there is a potential indication for probiotic supplementation during pregnancy to prevent infantile eczema…’

An article on The Gut Microbiome and Healthy Ageing published on Symprove for Professionals, earlier this year, can be accessed directly via the above hyperlink.


Welcome to Be good to your gut !

Meet Sian and Andrew !

Our partnership of a leading gastroenterologist and hepatologist, with a specialist dietician will help to ensure that you are provided with the best holistic information on your condition. We recognise that food can have a very positive, but equally a negative impact on our health and particularly your digestive well being.

Sian is a Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian who has combined 25 years experience within the NHS with 15 years within the private sector. She has worked at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and most recently The Whittington Hospital and The Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust based currently at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals.

A consultation will involve a careful history and examination and then a discussion about the need for investigations, which if needed, will be carried out promptly. Andrew will undertake a careful diagnostic assessment using the latest technologies, incorporating endoscopic procedures such as gastroscopy, colonoscopy, video capsule endoscopy, in association with evidence based treatments for a wide range of gastrointestinal conditions. In addition other tests such as breath testing, physiological analysis and stool tests are available. Andrew works closely with expert radiologists to carry out ultrasound, MRI and CT scanning if needed.

Patient comfort during endoscopic procedures is of utmost importance. Most endoscopic procedures can be carried out with light or even no sedation. Sedation is very much the patients choice and when there is a request to be completely asleep Andrew will ask an expert anaesthetist to provide deep sedation or a general anaesthetic as needed.

Common gastroenterology problems managed:
Abdominal pain, diarrhoea and constipation
Indigestion and acid reflux
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Food intolerance and allergy
Liver abnormalities
Suspected gallstones
Pancreas disorders

Our core Values

Use scientific evidence

Use scientific evidence

To use current robust scientific evidence when carrying out assessments and making recommendations.

Give guidance

Give guidance

To signpost you towards helpful websites and access other resources such as recipes and constructive media blogs.

To support you

To support you

To support you to enjoy your food, optimise on your digestion and use 'Food as Medicine' wherever possible.

Our Vision

What will we Do?

We are focussed on supporting you to achieve a swift and accurate diagnosis of your digestive symptoms and help you to receive the right treatment and to manage your symptoms more effectively.

We do not provide medical care directly through this site but the information included will help to advise where you can receive the best and most appropriate management for your condition. If you would like a consultation with Sian Shepherd or Dr Andrew Millar we will provide the contact numbers to help you make an appointment.

You can be confident that we base our guidance on robust scientific evidence and a complimentary blend of medicine, food and nutrition aimed at keeping you and your gut healthy.

Being very much ‘foodies’ ourselves we will help to enhance your lifestyle with advice on trying great new recipes for food and drinks. These will include some alcoholic beverages as in small quantities we believe in the life enhancing qualities of great wines, in particular.

Over time Sian will share with you some of her own delicious recipes and culinary recommendations, through the ‘begoodtoyourgut’ Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Andrew will provide a caring patient-orientated service delivering evidence-based care, working closely with colleagues, including Sian, who will provide specialist dietetic management together with other experts in radiology, physiology and surgery.

Our Thoughts

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Our Photos

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Scrumptious crab sandwiches enjoyed en route from Yarmouth to the mainland yesterday.

Thank you @thegossipscafe for consistently high quality products, (crab are my favourites), delivered at ‘breakneck’ speed, enabling me to catch the ferry. I will be back!

#yarmouth #isleofwight #isleofwightlife #crabsandwich #localproduce

End of another fantastic family week @villa_mimi_meganisi.

Some perfect memories which after 2 years of Covid restrictions, prove even more precious.

We were blessed to spend time exploring the coastline on the SUP, the kayak & thanks to @panos_boats_and_trips a fab day trip across to Kalamos, even with the strong Meltemi winds.

A lifetime of experiences in one week which I suspect none of us will forget.

Highlights included snorkelling among shoals of fish at Limonari Bay, cocktails @marinaodyseas whilst enjoying the super yachts & an amazing dinner on the final evening @azurretreat where I bumped into a special friend @yrokottika

Thank you to all particularly 3 very special grandchildren who made it perfect.

#meganisi #ionian #ionianisland #ionianislands #greece #summer2022 #meganisi_island

Greece now seems a long time ago, having travelled north with superb stopovers in Italy and France before reaching U.K. on Friday.

Happy memories of canoeing around local bays from @villa_mimi_meganisi & likewise whilst sat on the paddleboard whilst my son @james_sheps did all the real work!

The turquoise Ionian sea is translucent & full of beautiful fish both large & small. If you are lucky, you may even encounter dolphins en route.

I have observed them from the villa on a number of occasions but as yet have not ‘met’ any in the sea. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

The hotels & meals en route home were both exceptional. A little more perhaps on that to come!

#greece #ioniansea #visitgreece #visitgreecegr #ioniansea #ionianisland #ionianisland

Thank you to the wonderful @rebecca.youngman & @felicity_youngman family who brought us some gorgeous @fortnums goodies in honour of her Majesty’s @platinumjubileepageant which we missed celebrating, because we were in Greece.

Thank you & looking forward to enjoying these in September.

#platinumjubilee #platinumjubilee2022 #thequeen #jubilee #fortnumandmason #fortnums

Schools out & we are enjoying the pool and views @villa_mimi_meganisi #ad

#simpsontravel #meganisi #meganisi_island #ionianislands #ionian #ionianisland #visitgreece #visitgreecegr

Missing the lovely @rebecca.youngman @felicity_youngman & family.

Guys we had such fun, laughed & celebrated island life together. We even learned a new card game… which will remain nameless!

We miss Ken & Mitch’s energy & phenomenal biking skills in adverse hot weather conditions.

Thank you for persevering when the electricity failed & allowing us to enjoy our final meal together & sorry that the weather was a little challenging on occasions.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Greek holiday & thank you for visiting @villa_mimi_meganisi .

#greece #visitmeganisi #visitgreece #islandlife #greece🇬🇷 #meganisi_island #meganisi

I love the guys who encouraged me to get onto his scooter recently on the Meganisi ferry! It took a number of attempts, but we got there in the end.

Full disclosure I used to ride a motorbike in my younger days whilst working in @visitlesotho!

#meganisi #meganisiferry #meganisi_island #meganisidreaming #exclusivemeganisi #greece #visitgreece🇬🇷 #visitgreece #villamimimeganisi

After many months in fact years of Covid restrictions with lives & family celebrations on hold, it was truly inspiring to hear happy voices emulating from our wonderful neighbours home, celebrating their daughter’s wedding on Saturday evening.

We loved every song and wish the happy couple a long, healthy & happy life together.

Let’s all keep partying again now that we actually can!


Very happy watching my 7 and 5 year old grandsons swimming a reasonable distance to shore on one of multiple canoe trips this week from @villa_mimi_meganisi.

If you spot a strange orange snorkel ‘sea monster’ approaching the younger boy it’s me offering support. Needless to say he did not need it, managing the swim very comfortably indeed!

Very quiet at the villa right now, but there are more family & friends arriving this week. The party continues!

We can plan, we can look forward to future events, all that’s healthy, particularly after the past few years of travel restrictions.

Having avoided Covid since the pandemic began, had the 3 jabs, I was probably just a little over complacent..

The beauty of Lake Como was breathtaking on arrival & we were so looking forward to exploring nearby towns by boat, car & heading up the mountain in the funicular train. 3 nights had been planned & booked.

Unfortunately, life got in the way & on Sunday I woke up with a fever, cough etc & a Covid diagnosis rapidly followed thereafter. We have seen very little, except the glorious lake views from the room.

Let’s see what happens on Saturday and whether we will be released from quarantine & get in a few of those highlights before we have to leave!

#lakecomo #lakecomoitaly #covid #covid_19 #covidpositive #quarantine #quarantinelife #italianlakes #italianlake

The beginning of our journey south to Greece. Day 1 included meeting up with dear friends at their hotel in the heart of the Belgian countryside.

Amazing dinner @lechateaudumylord just not sure if I can keep up the pace as we returned well after midnight. That said, the company was as ‘delicious’ as the immaculately prepared dishes themselves.

Tomorrow Salzburg!

#worldearthday 2022.

There is lots to say on food & sustainability, in terms of both protecting our planet & our health.

So will summarise just a few points below:

Fact #1: An estimated 1,800 gallons of water go into a single pound of beef. With that much water you could take 105 eight-minute showers a day!

Fact #2: Animal agriculture takes up land and is a leading cause of deforestation. In 2018, 30 million acres of tropical rainforest were lost. Which is equivalent of 43 football fields a minute!

Fact #3: Producing animal-based foods generates more greenhouse gas emissions than plant-based foods, which is why shifting toward a more plant-based or plant-forward diet is recognized as a solution for for curbing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change.

Fact #4: 1 gallon of cow’s milk requires 1950 gallons of water!

The above facts were reproduced from

Let’s all do a little to improve the above & I have not even started on the health benefits of a gradual move towards a more plant-based diet.

#plantbased #sustainability #worldearthday #sustainability #plantbaseddiet #plantbasedfood #vegetarian #begoodtoyourgut #InvestInOurplanet #WhatWillYouDo #EarthDay #EarthDayEveryDay #ClimateChange #Environment

Our children & wonderful son-in-law, also helped celebrate Michael’s recent retirement.

We are still ‘knee deep’ in boxes after our move from London to island life, so it’s good to take a breath & remember the special moments in life.

Our other very special daughter @lauradesmondlondon was on holiday, planned months before the party, but sent a very special video message, in association with her darling sons.

The younger daughter had given birth 2 weeks earlier to her daughter & ventured out for the first time since to attend.

So thank you to all 🥰😇❤️

#londonlife #londonhiltonparklane #hotelier #hotelierlife #hilton #hiltonhotels #retirement #b goodyoyourgut

Thank you to so many wonderful representatives of the hotel industry that came and helped celebrate my husband’s retirement after 46 years at the top of the hospitality industry.

There are far too many to acknowledge and sadly I don’t know everyone’s names, but thank you to @raymondblanc @chrisgalvin8 @saragalvin1 @jeffgalvin1 @fred_sirieix @nitinramtri @anthonyworrall_hilton among many others & apologies to all those I have left out because of space.

There is one person however who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the celebration went smoothly.
The biggest call out of thanks has to go to the very talented & exceptional cfrith12 xx

#londonhiltonparklane #hilton #hiltonhotels #retirement #hospitality #londonhotels #londonlife #😍 #🥰

Farewell to Mr Michael Shepherd

(it was too memorable a party not to include a second reel)!!

Staff Party 2022 & Farewell to
Mr Michael Shepherd

Just taking a moment to enjoy some beautiful flowers given to me last week at @villamimi.meganisi retirement party. Full disclosure, there were 3 amazing bouquets, but I have chosen this one & donated the others to very worthy homes @sophie_delaye @cfrith12 .

Moving house is far more difficult than I imagined. It’s not the unpacking & inability to find anything, that’s just annoying. It’s the isolation from all you know and ❤️ for so many past years.

Hopefully, things will gradually improve & until then, will sit back & simply enjoy the flowers.

Thank you to all @londonhiltonpl x

#housemove #movinghouse #isleofwight

Farewell to our home -
1993-2022 😢

I have been quiet of late, simply because we left our family home after 28+ years living in North London.

It’s taken days, possibly weeks of house clearance with items coordinated for children, charity & auction houses. To say, it’s been an emotional roller coaster is somewhat an understatement!

We arrived in N21 in our 30s with 3 children under 10 in tow. My career had been on hold for 9 years as we were living in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus & finally Egypt with Michael’s work. Now was the time to start again..

There were numerous family Christmas’s, summer garden parties, GCSE/A’level and degree results celebrated in this house (& of course the occasional tantrum & tear).

There was the Crescent Millennium party we helped organise & more recently the final ‘Clap for Carers’ street party. We were really fortunate to live as part of a warm & supportive community.

The kids of course grew up, careers beckoned, two got married & brought home our gorgeous grandsons to enjoy the house & garden.

In 2020 during the first lockdown, we realised only half of the rooms were ever used, the garden was becoming more of a struggle & the house needed new & younger occupants.

We sold it to a professional couple with 3 children and the house will undoubtedly hum again with the sound of squeals and laughter.

So many lovely neighbours invited us to dinners/drinks & were far too kind with their farewell comments for which I will be eternally grateful. We love you 😍 all.

So the next chapter of our lives begins on the Isle of Wight and even more importantly spending time in our beloved Greece.

My husband retires at Easter after 46 years within the hospitality industry. Maybe I will also hang up my dietetic mantle, the profession is in great shape & am proud to have played a small part.

Thank you ‘Eversley’ for the journey.

#housemove #housesales #northlondon #northlondonmums #familylife❤️ #familylife

For the last year, has had some exceptional intern support from @nutritionnourishment.

She was not only undertaking her Masters in Nutrition & later a role as a busy DA within the NHS, but additionally was prolific preparing her own well balanced Instagram account & highly professional podcast series . Do listen if you have not done so already!

She taught me a great deal about social media & was instrumental in preparing a number of appetising recipe reels & informative infographic posts, alongside contributions to our website blogs.

Emilia is definitely a rising star within our profession whether she remains a Nutritionist or also trains as a Dietitian.

I am very proud of her contributions to begoodtoyourgut & want to thank her for all her extraordinary hard work & wish her well on her continued journey.

I suspect in 10 years (or less) Emilia will have made a very significant contribution to our world of evidence-based nutrition. No pressure then!

#intern #nutritionist #dietitian #londondietitian #thankyou #risingstar

Grandsons on skis!

There is a short ‘back’ story to this. As a young Mum I wanted to try skiing and enable the 3 children to do likewise. The ‘other half’ initially did not want to, although he has enjoyed many holidays on the slopes since. The ‘apres ski’ appeals!

So off I went, year on year, adding a child as I got more confident & we all fell in love with the sport.

We went with @clubmed who honed our skills on the slopes and then entertained the kids long after the lifts had closed.

The meals were also of an exceptionally high standard & I cannot speak highly enough of the @clubmed community spirit.

I am far from the best skier in the world, but love being on the top of a mountain in the sunshine with the thrill & challenge ahead of getting to the bottom again. Blue & red runs permitting!

So really happy after 2 years of Covid & various lockdowns. to see the grandsons finally able to get onto skis & experiencing the exhilarating freedom it will bring. Enjoy!

I plan to go back in 2023!

#skiing #ski #alps #alpsmountains #frenchalps #frenchalpes #clubmed #freedom

Overnight Oats are absolutely yummy & provide a great start to the day.

The oats, milk & yoghurt provide low release energy keeping you topped up throughout the morning.

Nuts are full of omega-6 fatty acids, important for brain function & cell growth.

Chia seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids & are a great source of soluble fibre.

Lots of recipes out there and we certainly have one on our website. Link in bio.

Broad bean & Asparagus risotto’. Anyone else following a plant-based January and feeling physically better? At the risk of sounding horribly smug, I truly am.

I made the mistake earlier this week because of dining alone, of trying some @marksandspencerfoodpr ‘Plant Kitchen’ range.

Dreadful taste, dreadful texture, dreadful experience & not to be repeated.

Cooking does take a little more time & effort, but the results are so much tastier, less processed & cheaper.

This month & M&S have taught me I strongly dislike ‘meat’ or ‘cheese’ substitutes & that veggie or vegan dishes are far more delicious when prepared from the simplest ingredients.

Deficiencies can arise, particularly of protein, Vit B12, Omega 3, iron, iodine etc & so thought & planning must feature!

Have a good Thursday. It’s my 43rd wedding anniversary & am heading out to celebrate tomorrow night. (Not sure which one deserves the medal most ..)

#vegan #vegetarian #veganuary #plantbased #guthealth #digestivehealth #guthealthfood #dietitian #londondietitian

Increasingly, people in the UK are following a plant-based diet, with an estimated 25% of the UK identifying as vegetarian by 2025. Being #Veganuary I thought I’d share some tips about following plant-based diets.

What nutrients are important to consider?

* Protein:

Alternative sources of protein such as tofu, tempeh, Quorn, nuts and seeds, soya-based foods, seitan, lentils, and beans.

* Omega-3:

The active forms of omega-3 are known as EPA and DHA, and these are found mainly in oily fish but also some in algae and seaweed. Another form of omega-3 is known as ALA, and is found in plant-based foods such as flax and chia seeds, walnuts, and soy-based foods. It is important to note that ALA is not efficiently converted into EPA, and DHA therefore if following a plant-based diet, it may be worth considering baking an algae-based omega-3 supplement.

* Vitamin B12:

The only reliable source of vitamin B12 is animal-based products. Fortified foods such as nutritional yeast, and breakfast cereals provide some.

* Some other nutrients to be aware of include: selenium, iodine, zinc, calcium, and vitamin D. See our website blogs on Veganuary, link in bio for further information.

My overall advice would be to eat a diverse range of foods including every colour of the rainbow, take some time to plan your meals, check what plant-based products are fortified with, and include wholegrains!

And remember, we do not have to do everything or do it all all the time. Instead, try to think about finding a diet that is sustainable for you – socially, culturally, economically, and environmentally - it is about ‘balance’.

To keep you motivated, here is another favourite vegan recipe from @doctors_kitchen website:

Sweet Red Onion, Peppers & Mushrooms on toast, fast to prepare & absolutely delicious with some quality sourdough toast!

#vegan #veganuary #vegetarian #plantbased #plants #sustainableliving #sustainablefood #dietitian #londondietitian #omega3 #vitamind #vitaminb12

Herby mushrooms & Greens from the @doctors_kitchen cookery book.

My ‘go’ to book for fast, nutritious & predominantly (but not exclusively) plant based dishes.

The recipe is in the above book & I would encourage you to buy a copy.

#plantbased #vegetables #fibre #bvitamins vegetarian #veganuary #dietitian #londondietitian

If you are struggling with Dry January (full disclosure I am), we hope you enjoy our ‘super quick’ elderflower, apple & mint mocktail recipe on this reel.

It’s early January, it’s cold, it’s wet, so we thought to try & inspire us all a little.

We have chosen to focus on fruits & fruit cordial & not include a low alcohol spirit such as @seedlip, negroni or indeed a low alcohol wine. There are many excellent alternatives in our supermarkets which we shall look at later this month.

Our liver, our skin, our sleep pattern will all benefit from less alcohol after the December excess.

Most of all, we hope it makes you 😊 on a January evening.

#dryjanuary #january #mocktails #fruit #dietitian #londondietitian #begoodtoyourself #selfcare

Just because it’s January, we don’t have to sign up to Veganuary.

It’s great if you want to, but there are other ways of having lots of plant-based foods, by reducing your intake of meat/fish & dairy & enjoying vegetable dishes at any time.

This is a vegetable lasagne I threw together today whilst taking down the Christmas decs.

It’s fast, relatively easy & was delicious on a cold January Sunday.


1 small aubergine chopped
2 red onions peeled & chopped
2 courgettes cubed
1 yellow & 1 red pepper, deseeded & chopped
400g baby plum or cherry tomatoes- halved (or a 400g tin)
3 cloves garlic, left unpeeled
3-4 sprigs thyme sprigs - leaves picked
2 tbsp olive oil
50g unsalted olive oil spread
50g plain flour
600mls plant based milk - almond, soya etc
1 bay leaf
generous grating of fresh nutmeg
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard powder
75g grated vegan cheese + 3 tbsps for the topping
1 tbsp good quality balsamic vinegar
250g pack of fresh egg lasagne (or dried)


1️⃣ preheat oven to 220C/200 fan, gas 7. Place the vegetables in a large roasting tray. Add the garlic & thyme, toss with olive oil, season with ground sea salt & freshly ground black pepper. Roast for 30-40 mins until golden & caramelised.

2️⃣ make the cheese sauce, by melting the margarine gently & adding the flour to form a smooth paste. Gradually add the milk & whisk until smooth. Stir in the nutmeg, mustard and finally the cheese until melted. Season with freshly ground black pepper.

3️⃣ squeeze the garlic out of the skin & add to the roasted vegetables. Add the balsamic vinegar & stir.

4️⃣ pour a little cheese sauce onto the base of a 3 litre ovenproof dish, cover with 2 lasagne sheets & a little more sauce. Spread on some roasted veg mix, then add another 2 lasagne sheets & some more sauce. Repeat, finishing with the remaining cheese sauce.

5️⃣ reduce the oven temp to 200C/180 fan, gas 6. Scatter over some more vegan cheese & bake for 30-40 mins until golden on top & bubbling hot.

I served it with roasted fennel & caraway seeds, but equally it could be a green salad.


#lasagne #vegetablelasagna #plantbased #veganuary #vegan #dietaryfiber #londondietitian #dietitian

When the Christmas tree is finally outside on the pavement, it’s officially all over!

This fab hamper full of Italian goodies, cheered us up today, whilst putting away the ‘decs’.

Thank you to the amazing Johnny & Lara xx

Happy New Year to everyone & before life in 2022 kicks in from tomorrow, I thought a few moments of reflection on the past year appropriate.

We know a lot about the lows resulting largely from the ongoing pandemic, but what about the highs?

I have written down a few just to remind me that the positives outweigh the negatives:

1️⃣ Jan - April 2021
Band 7 dietitian undertaking remote gastroenterology clinics on behalf of The Whittington Hospital dietetic team. A real privilege!

2️⃣ June - August 2021
Affiliate Ambassador for Symprove probiotic. 2 articles published on their HCP website on Healthy Ageing and Probiotics and Eczema.

3️⃣ Jan - Dec 2021:
Remote consultations & when permitted, ‘face to face’ clinics for gastroenterology, oncology & weight management patients in association with BMI Cavell Hospital, Enfield.

4️⃣ Jan - December 2021:
Greek classes under the watchful eye of lovely Maria Contos & a great group of ladies that became a great support network as well.

5️⃣ Jan -December 2021
Continued to build and improve upon our website posting blogs & posts, allowing patients and the public to access evidence-based nutritional information.

6️⃣ Became ‘Mummy’ again this time to a 4 legged friend - Digby, who encouraged me to walk more & indulge in lots of ‘dog led’ conversations in our local parks. Highly recommend!

7️⃣ Jan - Dec 2021
Mentored an exceptionally talented intern who has supported me throughput 2021 on social media platforms @nutritionnourishment

8️⃣Oct - Dec 2021
Employed a personal trainer to help me understand what is really good for my body and build muscle strength. Thank you

9️⃣ May-June 2021
Finally got the ‘steps’ built leading down to the sea, great job @gmoshonas! If you want to visit us there and swim in crystal clear Ionian sea contact #ad

🔟 Dec 4th 2021

Our youngest daughter got married to a truly wonderful young man. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Franklin Delaye.

2021 has undoubtedly been a challenge, but important to be grateful for the fun & successes along the way.

#2021 #2022 #londondietitian

2021 went by like a flash as so many others.

It’s been tough because of the pandemic, so have focused on those happy moments that we all take for granted.


What our clients have to say

I was initially referred to Mrs Shepherd following a diagnosis of IBS in 2012. At that time she introduced me to a low fermentable carbohydrate (FODMAP) diet which was a complete revelation. Within a three month period, I noticed a significant improvement in all of my symptoms and, with Mrs Shepherd’s professional expertise and guidance, […]
Sian was my saviour through my treatment. She instilled so much confidence in me that I followed her advice on foods I could and could not eat. She is a professional and knowledgeable in her trade, her service was impeccable. I had regular consultations with Sian who also worked closely with Dr Karp, my oncologist. We were overwhelmed that my bloods were good, including my iron levels and blood cells. This was due to changes in my diet.
Higher Education Tutor
It was lovely to meet you today. I was so excited for your information that I instantly installed the ap. You have given me great hope and I feel it will work. You have such a wonderful way of doing your job and sympathising with what I am going through. Having met many doctors with my symptoms, I feel there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. I am just grateful Dr Miller recommended you.
Company Director
I visited Sian after being recommended by a gastroenterology consultant I have a non alcohol fatty liver. After my first session with Sian she introduced the idea that the cause may be that I binge eat. 
Having the open, honest and calming conversation with Sian really opened my eyes to my eating habits. 
She recommended a programme for me to improve my liver health and I now feel so much better. 
Thank you Sian for your coaching.
Local Government IT Consultant


We make it a priority to offer flexible appointment times to accommodate your other commitments.